Raising Literacy Australia supports families to read, talk, play, and sing with their children from birth through universal and targeted programs, by providing books and resources to nurture the development of young children and provide information for parents to encourage rich home learning environments.

The Raising Literacy Australia Author and Illustrator Mentoring Initiative enables two emerging writers and two emerging illustrators residing in South Australia to fulfil their dream of publishing a children’s picture book. Over a two year period the artists are be mentored in all facets of children’s book production and will see their stories and illustrations come to life by local, award-winning publisher, Little Book Press.

There are two stories which have now been published and included in the Preschool Book Gifting pack – Molly Moores has a House Like Yours written by Kaliah Tsakalidis and illustrated by Ross Morgan and Tilly’s First Day Twist, written by Kylie Covark and illustrated by Robin Tatlow-Lord.